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5 Tips for Those New to - or trying to break in - to the Salesforce Space

Written by Eryn McHugh, Head of Talent at Thunder
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During a recent exploratory interview with a candidate who is new to Salesforce, they asked how they could better prepare themselves for this new career venture. These tips may seem simple to Salesforce veterans, but we want to share them in case they’re helpful to those just beginning their journey in the ecosystem! If you are new to Salesforce and actively looking, here are my recommendations (*recruiter hat on*) on how to prepare for and improve your chances to get hired in the space!

1) FIND COMMUNITY: There are incredible organizations like Talent Stacker and Purple Mai’a, whom we love and support. Salesforce is many things, AND it’s most definitely a networking game. You can’t have any shame in raising your hand, asking for help, or showing up at a local meet-up where you don’t know anyone. (Don’t worry – once you know ONE Salesforce person, you’ll then know 5…and your network will grow exponentially from there–so long as you bring a heart and energy of “giving before getting.”) 💟

2) GET CERTIFIED: Most orgs like Thunder bring on a few Salesforce “newbies” per year, in the form of a “class”/cohort of Associate Business Analysts, or sometimes as a one-off hire that comes to us through Salesforce Talent Alliance Career Cohorts, Hiring our Heroes, or other Salesforce “bootcamps.” The common denominator? They all come to us with Certified Admin already under their belt. 🎓

3) BEFRIEND TRAILHEAD: Salesforce has made many of their learning resources available online. Take advantage of all Trailhead has to offer! 🤓

4) SEEK OUT RECRUITMENT FIRMS: Once you’re certified – and ideally have 1-2 projects under your belt – get on the radar at Salesforce specialist recruiting firms like Mason Frank International. Form a relationship. Offer to network and make referrals. They may not have an immediate opportunity for you – but Salesforce consulting partners and other orgs who need Internal Admins engage them to find relatively seasoned resources, and they’ll remember you when the time is right! 🤝

5) FOLLOW SALESFORCE BEN: a special shout-out to Salesforce Ben for amassing an amazing hub of Salesforce ecosystem insights that I keep on my “favorites” list and refer to about every other week. 📚

We hope you found these tips helpful. And, if you are new to Salesforce and looking to jump into the ecosystem – I encourage you to check out the open roles at Thunder!