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We'll Make you love Generative AI

Thunder offers AI solutions and consulting from Discovery to Managed Services
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Generative AI is a set of algorithms, capable of generating seemingly new, realistic content—such as text, images, or audio—from the training data. A generative model can take what it has learned from the examples it’s been shown and create something entirely new based on that information. The experts at Thunder uncover your pain points in collaboration, workflows, and silos and ideate on how Generative AI solutions can help benefit your company’s customers, employees and leadership.

Why Generative AI

Integrate data seamlessly into AI solutions that accelerate digital transformation in a flash

We Get It

Thunder can help you strike the full potential of Generative AI with comprehensive consulting services ranging from strategy to custom chatbot development to API integration and ongoing support. Integrate your company data seamlessly into AI solutions and accelerate your digital transformation in a flash!

Discovery & Training Sessions

Lay the foundation for a successful launch of the Generative AI tools needed to achieve your business objectives

App Development, Automation and Integration

Get application development, automation, Bots and integration through custom or third party apps

Change Management and Training

Migrate new users, change the way people work, improve adoption and process re-engineering

Managed Services

Ensure continued success with ongoing strategy and support

We know it

The Thunder Generative AI team is made up of Artificial Intelligence experts and data scientists, with specialties in Einstein and ChatGPT. We can take your business to the next level with Generative AI offerings to meet any and every customer need – as easy as boom.

Generative AI platforms

We bring It

Thunder deliverables include steps to prepare, understand, design, launch and amplify your Generative AI solutions


Workshops, Project Kickoff + Best Practices, Project Plan


Automation Discovery Sessions


Governance Structure, Communications Plan, Channel Set-up, Key Messaging, Learning Plan


Proof of Concept


Readiness Checklist, Train the Trainer – User Essentials Sessions, User Essentials Content


Generative AI Roadmap Workshop

We Show It

We are here to help lay the foundation for a successful launch of a Generative AI tool by providing accelerated guidance on setup and recommending a high-level approach for initial and ongoing enablement and adoption, as well as learning programs. Our Generative AI solutions provide value for your:

– Personalization
– Improved Customer Experience
– Faster Response Times

– Productivity
– Engagement
– Training

– More Accurate Analytics / Forecasting
– Supply Chain Optimization

AI Rainmakers

Meet our practice leaders (a.k.a. Rockstar) working to make you love AI, forever

Dan Magner

Dan Magner
VP, Delivery

Lauren Noonan

Lauren Noonan
VP – Marketing Cloud Practice Lead & AI GTM

Carolyn Peys

Carolyn Peys
VP, Customer Success

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