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We're Going to Make You Love Service Cloud Voice

Faster, cheaper, better customer service
Service Cloud Voice
Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect provides customers scalable and flexible telephony tightly integrated into the Salesforce Service. Thunder knows both Salesforce and Amazon and how to get our customers onto Voice quickly while making the experience amazing.

Improve many contact center metrics by updating the highest-cost channel

Decrease Handle Time

More efficient tools, better routing

Increase Quality

Better call disposition, reporting, and recording

Provide Call Deflection

Smart IVR

Increase 1st Call Resolution

Deeper integration, smarter routing, and agent guidance

Increase cross-sell & upsell

Next Best Action and other agent prompts

We Get It

We understand that you have goals to reach. We want you to be the hero.

Get It Quick

Efficient, unique, high-quality call centers implemented quickly and cost-effectively

Get it right

Custom tailored for your business, providing agents amazing experiences and training to maintain it

Love it

Love your telephony & implementation journey, our amazing people make that happen

We know it

Our experience allows us work quickly while we thoughtfully extend both platforms.

Tricks Up Our Sleeves:

  • Smart IVR
  • Call Deflection Strategies
  • Information Capture
  • Transfer to SMS
  • Voicemail & Callbacks
  • Automatic Case Creation
  • Position in Queue
  • Regionalization
  • Automatic Holiday Hours, Closures, and Announcements
  • Blocked Numbers
service cloud voice certs

We bring It

Our accelerators make our implementations smoother and our customers happier.

Voice Migration Tool

Moves the Amazon configuration between Sandboxes via a guided, error-free deployment process

Quick Case Component

Helps agents connect calls, chats, and SMS to cases quickly by showing the contact’s cases at a glance

Salesforce/Amazon Connector

Allows customers to modify the flow of a call from within Salesforce by connecting the two systems seamlessly

Voice Reporting Package

Provides formulas, reports, and dashboards that include the data contact centers most want


Provides configurable, real-time call, case, chat and other statistics on screens in the contact center

We Show It

We will enable your team to maintain the system with the least amount of hassle.

  • Best-in-class change management
  • User and administrator documentation
  • As-built documentation
  • Intentional knowledge transfer
  • Thoughtful system extensions
  • Available Managed Services

As with most new tools, there’s a bit of a learning curve. We will built it so it is easy to maintain and show you how to do it.

Service Cloud Voice

Service Cloud Voice Rainmakers

These are the practice leaders (a.k.a. Rockstars) working to make you love Salesforce, forever

Yaron Wilf

Yaron Wilf
Service Cloud Practice Lead

Carolyn Peys

Carolyn Peys
VP, Customer Success

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