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We'll Make you love Slack

A productive and Engaging collaboration tool to weather any storm
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Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. It transforms the way organizations communicate by bringing people together as a unified team. The Thunder experts can help you build a Digital HQ integrated extension in Salesforce – streamlining workflows, collaboration and communication.

We Get It

We help lay the foundation for a successful Slack launch by providing accelerated guidance on setup and recommending a high-level approach for initial and ongoing enablement and adoption, and learning programs. Our solutions include:

Slack Quickstart

Rollout and launch support and best practices

Quickstart & Migration

Migration planning, support and best practices

Thunder Amplify

Ongoing strategy and support

Change Management

Improved adoption and standardize how people utilize Slack

App Development, Automation + Bots + Integration

More workflows and automation

Slack + Salesforce Optimization

More ROI from Slack + Salesforce Investment

We know it

We bring you an intentionally curated team of industry experts, with the breadth of product expertise to handle almost anything. Slack certified with a roadmap to invest in making Slack part of our core DNA – our team of practice leads brings both the thought leadership and experience your clients value most.

Using features like Case Swarming, we help you put the customer at the center of the support experience. This type of support model is designed to ensure customers only deal with one owner for each case, someone who has quick access to the expertise they need to resolve each issue quickly. It’s as easy as boom.

We bring It

Thunder deliverables include steps to prepare, understand, design, launch and amplify your Digital HQ

Slack Quickstart Timeline
Slack timeline

We Show It

Our customers love Slack because it allows them to:

  • Better communicate
  • Automate and streamline manual processes
  • Operate faster and stay in sync from anywhere
  • Come together in one place to share ideas, make decisions and move work forward
  • Enjoy faster, better organized and more secure communication than with email
  • And more!
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Slack Rainmaker

Meet our practice leader (a.k.a. Rockstar) working to make you love Salesforce, forever

Casey Styer

Casey Styer
Slack Lead

Carolyn Peys

Carolyn Peys
VP, Customer Success

Our Slack experts bring a whole new meaning to the term brainstorming. Check out our Slack posts and subscribe to our blog to stay in the know!