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We'll Make You Love DevOps

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Thunder is a proud Salesforce and Copado partner, here to help organizations like yours innovate and develop new functionality for your customers and employees. We help you unlock business value with intelligent frameworks and solutions.

Copado Partner

Thunder is proud to be an official Copado partner. And the feeling is mutual! Check out this video to learn why Pat McQueen, SVP of Customer Success and Services at Copado, likes partnering with Thunder for Salesforce DevOps engagements.

We Get It

DevOps is NOT a tool you buy. DevOps is…


Recognize the critical resources in the organization and have them share their best practices with peers to avoid silos, and encourage everyone to teach tribal knowledge to one another


Identify inefficiencies / bottlenecks in business so value makes it to the consumer for feedback more quickly, and discover issues earlier in the development lifecycle to save time and money


Recognize that operations and development departments should be collaborating, not competing, and provide dedicated times for these teams to regularly share with one another


Leverage best of breed technologies to replace manual bottlenecks with automations, and put Governance KPIs in place to monitor process improvements in the organization

We know it

We are proud to have a highly specialized team for Copado. A trusted cloud advisor, we have developed resources that help organizations adopt cloud solutions quickly and more effectively to see better results. The Thunder team brings best-in-breed enterprise experience from top consulting firms (Accenture, IBM, etc.). We leverage our background to deliver extraordinary experiences through nimble, outcome-driven Agile execution.

DevOps Certs

We bring It

DevOps solutions that meet all your cloud needs as easy as boom

DevOps Maturity Model

Maturity from Base to Expert focusing on culture & organization, design & architecture, build & deploy and quality assurance

DevOps Accelerate

A predefined solution packaged implementation for companies that need to successfully launch or further expand and customize Copado, for a highly optimized processes.

Release Management Services

Improve efficiency, seamlessly deploy data and continuously implement, test, train & release apps to deliver quality changes within the Salesforce platform on time and budget

We show it

Using the key pillars of DevOps, Thunder helps you embrace a DevOps culture to:

  • Increase collaboration between IT and business teams for faster innovation
  • Standardize process delivery enables operating at scale
  • Shorten development cycles resulting in increased efficiencies
  • Get in-depth reporting that provides operational and business insights

Get your DevOps booming with Thunder!


DevOps Rainmakers

Our practice leaders (a.k.a. Rockstars) working to make you love Salesforce, forever

Dan Magner

Dan Magner
VP, Delivery

Carolyn Peys

Carolyn Peys
VP, Customer Success

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