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A Booming Welcome Home to Dreamforce

Written by Ali Burchette, AVP of Sales at Thunder
Just back from Dreamforce, and finally got to zero inbox. Only took a full week. IYKYK how cathartic that is. A lot of things were different this year about Dreamforce. For starters, this was my first time “on the other side”. After 9 years at Salesforce and 7 Dreamforces, this was certainly a different experience altogether. As a partner, your role is to be a contributing part of the event and experience. Planning starts MONTHS in advance and the logistical gymnastics continue until the plane ride home. Our week began early kicking off with our friends in the comms, media, tech OU. Drinks and conversation flowed about projects underway and the opportunities ahead for our mutual clients. Thunder held beautiful office space overlooking Moscone for the week. We hosted over 100 clients in the space for joint working sessions, technical deep dives, new client introductions and exploring new alliances of value. The barista manning the unlimited cappuccino bar proved particularly valuable after some of the Dreamforce nights! As a relatively newer brand to the scene, we hosted a splashy event to thank our partners and our customers for being on this incredible journey of meteoric growth with us. The “Thunder Booming Happy Hour” was just that. While the DJ spun dance music, the saxophonist traveled the room, and hugs and laughter abounded. Dreamforce this year was a much needed event. Collectively, what we’ve experienced for the last 3 years has taken away something we so badly needed – community. And we can’t think of a stronger community than the Salesforce community. Put aside the business and new client relationships that will come from this event – what we are taking home is the smiles, the embraces, the connection we thrive on that was at long last back. Making the Dreamforce ’22 theme of “Welcome Home” all that much more perfect. We’re definitely home.
If you didn’t get a chance to connect with the Thunder team at Dreamforce – contact us today to set up time!