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A Winning CX Breakthrough: Data Management with Service Cloud

Recently, a prominent data management company faced a pivotal moment in its journey. The company recognized the need to address significant challenges within its existing Service Cloud solution, and this realization prompted them to turn to Thunder for assistance. 

At the core of their issues lay a highly customized Salesforce Org, which, ironically, had initially been designed to enhance their efficiency. However, as the company experienced rapid growth, it became clear that this customization needed to improve its ability to scale effectively. 

This marked the beginning of a partnership with Thunder as the company sought to navigate these challenges and embark on a path toward scalable success. 

The Challenge: 

A leading data management company came to Thunder to discuss significant challenges with their existing Service Cloud solution. Their Salesforce Org was heavily customized, initially hindering the company’s ability to scale effectively as they experienced rapid growth. 

The legacy code and processes in place also created unknowns and significant technical debt when undertaking new projects, slowing down innovation. Additionally, they needed more accurate reporting and operational insights, making it difficult to make data-driven decisions. One critical issue was the subpar customer experience and service quality resulting from their Email-to-Case system, which did not support real-time communication with customers effectively, causing difficulties in sharing information seamlessly. 

These issues collectively posed significant hurdles to the company’s customer service and operational efficiency.


Cloud Strategy: Salesforce Service Cloud


The Thunder Solution: 

Together, we embarked on a strategic partnership to elevate their service solution that caters to a user base of over 100 individuals. This collaborative effort delivered a range of enhancements to their service operations. For example: 

A new Service Console App was developed, harnessing the power of Salesforce Service Cloud’s standard features, including Milestone tracking and Macros. Lightning Pages were also meticulously redesigned to ensure maximum operational efficiency. 

Furthermore, a brand-new Lightning Web Component was introduced, tailored to meet custom file upload requirements, complete with FTP webhook integration and Knowledge Article recommendations for improved functionality. 

To maintain performance against Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Entitlements and Milestones were meticulously configured, and migrating the complete Knowledge Base to the Salesforce Platform expanded their knowledge management capabilities. 

In addition, a public-facing Knowledge Base was designed within the Support Community Portal, enhancing customer accessibility to information. 

Lastly, the reporting system received a substantial overhaul, enabling more accurate measurements of key performance indicators, empowering the client to make data-driven decisions and drive continuous improvement.

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