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We'll Make You Love Activation

Thunder provides human-centered, agile activation that sticks and weathers any storm

At Thunder, we believe that there is no such thing as a simple technology project… it is about changing the way you work.

We Get It

Activation fuels project success

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Only 16% of projects meet their objectives when a poor activation program is implemented

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96% of projects meet their objectives when an excellent activation program is implemented

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100% of your success is dependent upon user adoption

We know it

The Thunder Activation team has over 9+ years experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, and built the global Change Management practice delivering best in class Transformation service for Bluewolf. We specialize in blending transformative vision with a pragmatic business approach based on 30+ years experience in business leadership. Collectively we hold Certified Prosci Advanced Practitioner, Enterprise Design Thinking, Scrum and a slew of Salesforce certifications.

Change Management

We bring It

A proven framework informing technology across the project lifecycle


We've flipped the model on the traditional approach and cultivated a customized approach

Training Packages

Change is a continuous process, so Thunder offers a variety of packages to facilitate learning

We show it

Technology should be viewed as enabling the experience – and design is everything! We help you to:

  • Envision the customer experience
  • Identify the desired business outcomes
  • Create the process that will enable your employees to deliver the experience and outcomes
  • Build the technology to enable the experience
  • Identify the cultural and behavioral changes required for the new way of working

Utilize best practices and increase adoption to realize the full value of your Salesforce investment…as easy as boom.

Change Management

Change Management Rainmaker

Our practice leader (a.k.a. Rockstar) working to make you love Salesforce, forever

Carolyn Peys

Carolyn Peys
VP, Customer Success

Our Change Management experts bring a whole new meaning to the term brainstorming. Check out our Change Management posts and subscribe to our blog to stay in the know!

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