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Automating Professional Services Invoicing with The Thunder PSA Invoicing Package

Presented by Christopher Dryden, Sr. Director, Billing Practice at Thunder
PSA invoicing package

At Thunder, we’ve found that professional services billing tools can be kinda lackluster. So we created a solution that enhances existing professional services tools (Mission Control, FinancialForce, etc.) to increase efficiency and flexibility in the invoicing process. The Thunder PSA Invoicing Package is a solution that includes features that other tools don’t have at all or don’t do well, like dynamic invoice granularity based on customer or business preference. This solution works for customers who utilize time based billing, milestone based billing, and (of course) both! We can implement the PSA Invoicing Package now, with minor tweaks or changes needed depending on the underlying PSA tool. We can also expand on the features we have or add new ones per customer request.

Check out this demo featuring Billing Practice Sr. Director Christopher Dryden, to learn more about how we can help you automate professional services invoicing – as easy as boom!

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