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Fall in love with Service Cloud Voice

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Too many people are stuck in a relationship with telephony that they like, but don’t love. Luckily, you don’t have to settle, you can get true love.

Today is my chance to play matchmaker. Let Yente Dave tell you all about why you should consider pairing up with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice. Don’t worry, I promise not to sing any Fiddler on the Roof.

Good looking and talented

We’re all searching for fully capable telephony that lowers costs, integrates seamlessly, and makes agents more efficient. Not only does SCV check all those boxes, but with capabilities like transcription, automatic recording, true omni-channel, and after call work – you’ll be sure to swoon.

Will get along with your friends

Everyone wants a partner that fits in with their crowd. Service Cloud Voice is that partner! As part of the platform, SCV perfectly integrates with Salesforce (and gets out of the way), routes calls via the platform and hosts its data on the platform. If only every relationship were so easily seamless…

Low maintenance

Let’s face it, once you pair up, you don’t want to have to work hard to maintain the relationship. Service Cloud Voice takes all the drama out of the equation with features like: 

  • Blended agents
  • Dynamic IVR
  • Connecting the IVR and Salesforce

Plus, with a quick implementation timeframe (Thunder can get you live in as little as 5 weeks), you won’t have to wait around forever for it to get ready.

You’ll have amazing chemistry

Resolving cases has never been sexier. Voice pairs up nicely with Next Best Action and Einstein to deliver insights to agents and supervisors about calls in progress. Our Quick Case Component gets agents to cases in one click.

And your desire to decrease handle time, increase quality, provide call deflection, increase first call resolution and increase cross-sell & upsell opportunities – that flame never goes out.

It takes the right matchmaker

Sadly, we have run into a few customers who already have Service Cloud Voice and have yet to fall in love. Being the major catch that it is, we can only assume they were not properly introduced. Thunder implements SCV to keep it low maintenance and provide great value. We want to show you how to use and maintain it (after all, change management is part of every project at Thunder). 

Our SCV experts have:

  • An expert focus on great agent and customer experiences
  • Not just certification, but proficiency in both AWS and SCV
  • Accelerators that make our implementations smoother and our customers happier
  • An enablement system solution your team can maintain with the least amount of hassle
So, let us introduce you to Service Cloud Voice. We know you’ll be swiping right in no time.

Written by Dave McCall, Senior Director, Solution Architecture at Thunder, and Service Cloud Voice enthusiast

Contact us today to start falling in love with Salesforce SCV!