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Free Your Mind With Marketing Cloud and AI Solutions

Marketing Cloud + AI

Are marketers mind readers? With the right AI-supported CRM system, they can get close!

It is harder than ever to be a marketer. Budgets are tighter, the economy is, well, the economy, the talent pool is scarce and customer expectations have reached the greatest heights. The pressure to do more with less while increasing speed-to-market, reducing overhead, improving productivity, the list goes on. It’s not easy.

Most marketers agree. Around 71% of marketers say meeting customer expectations is more complicated than a year ago. Marketers know they have more data than ever before, but finding it and harnessing its power are easier said than done. Capturing actionable data, consolidating it on a centralized platform, transforming the data to create micro-segments and then align the correct content and messaging are key to orchestrating these intended customer experiences.

What if we told you that we’re actually in the golden age of technology? The pace at which technology has innovated in the last 12 months is unprecedented. AI, GPT and automation capabilities have made data easier than ever to power personalized marketing experiences. What historically used to take marketers days or even weeks to deploy a campaign can now take a fraction of that time. Using Data and AI are keys to making this process easier.

Start with centralized data.

Studies show that data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to outperform their competitors in customer acquisition, about 19 times more likely to remain profitable, and nearly seven times more likely to retain customers.

Salesforce Data Cloud offers a centralized, enriched, and secure data environment. Data Cloud is the foundation of the Salesforce CRM system, with data consolidating capabilities from all sources. In fact, 75% of this data comes from sources outside of Salesforce, including websites, telemetry data, as well as structured and unstructured data.

Now businesses can rely on AI-backed data to drive personalized customer experiences, optimize marketing strategies, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Then, get personal.

Personalization is a constantly evolving area where AI headlines, as it can tailor content and recommendations based on user behavior, preferences, and demographics.

  • With Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio), you can:
    Use real-time interaction management to track CX.
  • Use real-time CX data to optimize engagement based on audience preferences.

As part of Einstein for Marketing Cloud, Einstein Recipes and Decisions optimize data algorithms for a seamless and very personal customer experience.

Einstein Recipes
Users can devise adaptable algorithmic approaches to offer personalized product and content recommendations to individual customers across diverse channels. These recipes support particular scenarios, including cross-sells, content promotions, and highlighting trending products.

Einstein Decisions
Einstein Decisions streamlines the content allocation process, eliminating the need to craft intricate rules manually. For instance, if you have designated a section on the homepage for five distinct promotions—credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, checking accounts, and retirement plans—and are uncertain about which promotion to display at a given time, Einstein Decisions removes the uncertainty.

Bring in the Power of Predictive Analysis

Housed on Data Cloud, the newly launched Model Builder is a user-friendly AI platform that constructs, trains, and deploys AI models within Data Cloud using external platforms and data sources.

Model Builder, part of Einstein Copilot Studio

  • Create and operationalize AI models using Salesforce Data Cloud
  • Integrates with external AI platforms, such as Google Cloud, Vertex AI, Amazon SageMaker.

Audience Segmentation: “Where my Homies at?”

Building segments via GPT is coming! In 2023, it’s time to retire using time-consuming SQL to build 99% of segments. There’s no need to use such an arduous process. The capability to use chatGPT to develop segments and streamline SQL coding does exist, and we are thrilled that we are not far from building segments via GPT.

  • To create actionable audience segments, AI will:
    Quickly analyze vast datasets based on real-time data
  • Identify distinct segments within a target audience
  • Track patterns, behaviors, and preferences
  • Automate audience segmentation
  • Merge audience segments based on user behavior history, detailed user profile information, and contextual data like location, weather, and referral sources
  • Categorize audiences based on email or ad campaigns and make tailored adjustments to user experiences

When a user engages with any of your platforms, the Personalization system promptly recognizes their segment based on their current real-time session activity. As these segments are instantly updated, any shifts in membership take effect immediately.

The Personalization system allows for a thorough analysis of segment data. You can export this data using the segment exporter or CSV file. For further guidance, refer to the instructions on exporting a segment to the Personalization SFTP.

We’re not just in an era of rapid technological advancements but potentially in the golden age of technology. The infusion of AI, GPT, and automation has significantly transformed how we interact with and utilize data. The accessibility and depth of information available today are unprecedented, fostering an environment ripe for innovation and progress.

We are here to help you, wherever you are on your journey with Marketing, Data and AI.

At Thunder, we recognize that AI and automation have been game-changers for companies, streamlining processes and allowing for greater efficiency in countless sectors. With the ideal system in place, advancements in this realm have saved time and resources and opened up new opportunities for creativity and exploration.

Our data and AI readiness assessment can help map a customized journey for your company to bridge your unique pain points and demystify AI. This is an unprecedented approach to business operations, but implementing AI doesn’t need to feel complicated or confusing or require Herculean efforts or advanced data science degrees to use it. It just takes the right partner to break the macro vision into micro-strategies.

When we contemplate the incredible innovations and the pace at which they unfold, we realize we’re witnessing an unprecedented era. With Thunder, this could be the golden age of technology, where the potential for progress seems limitless.

Let Thunder help you propel your brand experiences.

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