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How Empathy Lightens a Heavy Load

Written by Susan Jaggers, VP Human Centered Change at Thunder

Hurricane Ian had most of the nation glued to the news, and as owners of a condo right in the path, my husband and I spent a fair amount of time doom scrolling. Our home is in Colorado – we are mountain people – we don’t know hurricanes. But we were about to learn more about the aftermath of a natural disaster than we ever wanted to…once the storm passed, we loaded our bags with cleaners and scrubbers, and flew to Florida in our own whirlwind of stress and worry.

Day one we were on our own as we mucked and sorted and wondered how we were going to get all the debris down the stairs and to the curb. We found ourselves entertaining questions like ‘how wet does a piece of wood furniture need to get to grow mold?’ 

Day two we were met in the parking lot by two ServPro supervisors who had been assigned to conduct remediation for our building.

They brought people.
They brought equipment.
They brought porta potties.
They brought experience and know how.
But the most important thing they brought was empathy and support.

One of them gave me a cold bottle of water, a simple act of caring that nearly brought me to tears. We continued to muck and sort, but now we had a team of experts to help us: a group of people who could not only carry out our wet couch, but offer practical advice on how to handle this new situation and most importantly – to begin to see a brighter future (one with dry, mold-free furniture). 

That is the experience that our team strives to deliver at Thunder: providing the expertise and support to our clients which allows them to get the job done, plus the support and care to make the journey as stress-free and positive as possible. We will bring the people, the expertise, and the empathy (one of our core values) – but you will have to bring your own porta potty.

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