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It’s Time to ‘AMP UP’ Your Success With Amplify


When is managed services more than just an outsourced team? When it’s focused on aligning business objectives with IT innovation and dedicated to exceeding workstream and enhancement execution expectations.

Meet Amplify, your gateway to unlocking Salesforce‘s full potential. At Thunder, we offer more than just a service; we have experience maximizing ROI for businesses across diverse industries and sizes.

With a passionate team of experienced and innovative Salesforce enthusiasts, we’re dedicated to nurturing your success. First, we align your business objectives as part of your team and then provide business-guided recommendations and hands-on keyboard execution.

Our Amplify team is obsessed with your growth. Our love for our work drives us to accelerate your journey with Salesforce.

With a Flexible Operating Model that streamlines processes, Amplify’s Salesforce expertise that takes the guesswork out of customized digital transformation, and exclusive services like our extensive ZapAccelerator library, streamlined playbooks, and proven Strike Methodology, Amplify delivers the best quality support and continual innovation at the best value.

Feel The Thunder Difference

  • ZapExchange Accelerator Library
  • Streamlined Playbooks
  • Strike Methodology
  • Flexible Operating Model

ZapExchange Accelerator Library

Our ZapExchange library houses nearly 100 accelerators, with more in development. These help us offer better solutions and lower costs to our customers.

We offer these customizable apps free of charge. In most cases, these can be installed with just a few clicks and customized within a few hours.

Streamlined Playbooks

Playbooks act as a compass for our Amplify team, directing effective problem-solving, rapid response, and proactive maintenance. Combining playbooks and Amplify services ensures a more cohesive and reliable technological infrastructure. It allows for swift adaptability to emerging technologies and changing business requirements, ultimately fostering a more agile and future-ready tech environment.

Strike Methodology

Amplify uses a dedicated, small team of highly trained experts with the skills needed for any specialized project. We can efficiently conceptualize, design, execute, and complete projects with impressive speed and quality. This approach allows us to condense the timelines of projects that would traditionally span months or years, enabling organizations to introduce products and customer service innovations to the market ahead of their competitors.

Flexible Operating Model

Amplify offers the right resources for whatever changes your CRM needs. If your priorities focus on delivering excellent customer service experiences this month, we’ll pull in our service specialist to help. Perhaps next month, your focus will change to re-doubling your marketing efforts, and we’ll swap out to our marketing automation experts. This flexible model ensures you have the proper guidance for whatever CRM changes your business needs.

Finally, we offer Break/Fix (Fixing issues in your CRM) and Continuous Innovation (Implementing new capabilities and updates to your CRM) as part of Amplify services.

At Thunder, we are more than mere service providers—we’re strategic services partners invested in our clients’ success. Our dedication goes beyond project execution to exceed expectations and align IT innovation with core business objectives. Our team of experienced, passionate Salesforce enthusiasts isn’t just here to provide support – we’re here to foster your growth.

Contact us to learn more about ways to Amplify your digital transformation investment.