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Meet the Rainmakers: Anthony Castro, CFO/COO

Anthony Castro

We recently sat down with Thunder CFO/COO, Anthony Castro, to learn a little more about our Finance and Operations Guru. Here’s what he had to say!

Q. Anthony, tell us a little bit about your role at Thunder.

I’m the CFO and COO here at Thunder. As the CFO, my role is to own the business model and lead its optimization to maximize shareholder value. As the COO, my responsibility is to make sure that we are aligned as a company and that we are executing day-to-day operations effectively.

Q. What made you want to join the Thunder crew?

The People, Culture, and Opportunity. 1. We have some absolutely INCREDIBLE people here at Thunder that I love working with and make me laugh on a daily basis. 2. Thunder has an intense focus on building an amazing culture that is championed by our CEO. I absolutely believe that culture is the most important asset a company has and I’m glad to work with people that agree with me. 3. I feel we have such a great opportunity at Thunder, with the combination of our incredible people, funding from amazing investors including Salesforce Ventures, and the Salesforce Ohana ecosystem, we are building an incredible company and having fun doing so!

Q. Thunder is not your first company in the Salesforce ecosystem, what other experience do you have in the Salesforce world?

I was the first finance hire at Simplus, which was an incredible experience. We raised several rounds of funding, acquired several companies and built an offshore delivery center in the Philippines. During my time there I really discovered my enjoyment for working with investors, building companies and working in the consulting/services world.

Q. A little birdie told us that in addition to making it rain at Thunder, you’re also a podcast host! What kind of podcasts do you do?

I launched the first season of and I loved doing it. I learn best by talking with other executives and I thought “why not share with the world?”. Working on season 2 currently and hope to publish by the end of the year.

Q. We hear you are a self-proclaimed sci-fi guy and fantasy fan… What are some of your favorites?

Yes, I love everything sci-fi/fantasy. Star Wars, Warhammer 40K, Star Trek, you name it. My favorite Sci-fi film is Aliens 2 (special edition).  I love watching Star Wars shows with my 6 year old son, Owen.

Q. Last one! As a leader at Thunder, what are you most excited about in the near future for the rapidly growing company?

I am excited for what we are building together and the traction we have. With growth comes opportunity and I love that Thunder is GROWING!

Have more burning questions about Anthony or the team? Simply contact us and we’ll get back to you in a flash – it’s as easy as boom.