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Meet the Rainmakers: Carolyn Peys, VP, Customer Success

Carolyn Peys

We recently sat down with Thunder VP, Customer Success, Carolyn Peys, to learn a little more about our customer success sorceress. Here’s what she had to say!

Q. Carolyn, tell us a little bit about your role at Thunder.

At Thunder, I have the privilege of leading our Customer Success team (which encompasses our PMO, Engagement Managers and Activation practices). Under the umbrella of Customer Success we are laser focused on ensuring we recognize and drive to the larger organizational vision, strategy and business outcomes of our customers and partners. We work to understand each of our customer’s definitions of success and how best to measure and enable them.

We have world class project managers that drive industry PM best practices – while maintaining a focus on our Thunder methodology and what makes us unique in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our Engagement Managers ingrain themselves in each customer’s business processes – bringing their SFDC and industry knowledge – as trusted advisors. And an elevated Activation practice that ensures we tailor our outputs, communication, and training to meet each of our customer’s enablement needs.

Q. What made you want to come roll with Thunder?

The people! Everyone at Thunder has a collaborative, infectious attitude to their work. It is evident in each interaction that they love what they get to do every single day. I am amazed by how many people pitch in to help – there is not a single job that anyone is too good to do. I am excited to be able to work with individuals that I enjoy in and out of the office.

Q. You’ve been in the Salesforce ecosystem for quite a while now, how has your past experience prepared you for leading customer success at Thunder?

All of my experience in the Salesforce ecosystem has been client side and customer facing. I have worked my way through project / program / portfolio management, strategy and advisory services, and delivery consulting. Each of my previous roles has the customer and employee at the center of everything. That handshake between customer and employee is pivotal to overall success. Happy motivated employees ensure quality interactions and outputs (people that LOVE what they do for work!!). Happy employees deliver quality customer engagements and ensure their customers receive world class service.

Q. We want to congratulate you, not only on your recent promotion to VP, Customer Success, but also on your new Thunderkitten! How is juggling motherhood and a leadership role at Thunder going so far?

Rewarding and challenging (all at the same time) – I would not have it any other way. I am constantly learning more about my personal grit and ability to multi-task and time manage. Then I wrap up my work day and get to spend time with my amazing kiddos. I truly have the best of all worlds!

Q. When you’re not kicking butt helping customers with Salesforce success, we hear you are a big DYI/crafting enthusiast. What are your favorite things to create?

Everything! I love working with mixed materials. Currently I am building out the decor for my toddler’s upcoming birthday party (think cowboy theme – wagon wheels, barn photo backdrop, animal props, hay, etc). Any excuse to blend Pinterest, etsy, Michaels and Joann fabrics! My garage is full of in progress party planning ideas.

Q. Last one! As a leader at Thunder, what are you most excited about in the near future for the rapidly growing company?

Seeing our vision come to life – I cannot wait to see how our customer success team grows and expands over the next year. We are involved in so many of the internal initiatives in progress here at Thunder; I love seeing our hard work come to life.

I am also excited to continue to learn and improve – either from direct customer feedback or from learning what isn’t working organizationally. That way we can continuously shift our approach to customer success and our delivery practices.

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