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Meet the Revenue Rainmakers

Revenue Rainmakers

We recently sat down with the Thunder Revenue Cloud Practice Lead Sarah Sutton and Senior Director, Billing Practice, Christopher Dryden, to learn a little more about our Revenue Rainmakers. Here’s what they had to say!

Q. Sarah, as leader of the Revenue pack – can you tell us a little bit about the overall Revenue Cloud Practice at Thunder?

The Revenue Cloud Practice at Thunder is composed of many seasoned Revenue Cloud SME’s and it is continuing to grow. We have a lot of exciting projects going on! We offer traditional implementations, quick starts, accelerators, and proprietary packages (like Thunderstorm) for our clients!

Q. Like many of our Thunder leaders, you both have a lot of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. You even worked together before! Were you two just destined to be partners in crime?

Sarah: Yes, definitely destined to be Partners in Crime! We also have a lot of fun working together, we are jokesters at heart. 

Chris: We were Co-Employees of the month the same month at the same firm! We have a history of working together that allows us to side step a lot of the forming/storming/norming of many teams and move straight to just getting things done.

Q. Tell us why you love working with Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Sarah: Revenue Cloud solves front and back office problems for a company which is critical for any business. Having one tool for quoting and billing can reduce errors, limit complexities, forgo costly integrations, and ensure that the underlying architecture (and data values) align. 

Chris: Revenue Cloud has given me a ton of exposure to the most critical aspects of any business. Quoting, Invoicing, and Revenue are the things firms have to get right to survive. Having a tool like Revenue Cloud, paired with the skills and expertise Thunder brings to the table, creates a winning combination for our customers.

Q. And why do you love working at Thunder?

Sarah: Thunder has a great team, it is truly a fun place to work. I love that we are a full Salesforce platform partner, we can solve more needs than just Revenue Cloud! 

Chris: I love the flexibility and accessibility that Thunder offers. These things greatly boost the agility employees have when it comes to taking care of our customers. My customers are my utmost priority and having every avenue available to me to make sure those customers succeed makes it easier for everyone to be successful.

Q. Finally, what are you both most excited about for Thunder’s Revenue Cloud Practice future?

Sarah: Growing! I am excited to work with more customers to help solve their quoting and billing needs! Thunder’s mission statement is that we want our customers to love Salesforce and that is what we intend to do in all our engagements! 

Chris: Growing the practice, increasing accessibility to the platform for new customers and exciting use cases. Thunders priority being customers means we get to add a lot of value without over complicating and bloating engagements. This enables us to do the right things for customers the first time and build lasting partnerships for the future. 

Have more burning questions about the Revenue team? Simply contact us and we’ll get back to you in a flash – it’s as easy as boom.