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Now is the Time to Migrate from ZenDesk to Salesforce Service Cloud

Written by Yaron Wilf, VP and Service Cloud Practice Lead at Thunder

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Why is now the time to migrate from ZenDesk?

With the recent acquisition of ZenDesk by an investor group led by Hellman & Friedman and Permira, change for ZenDesk users is coming. We all know the familiar pains that come with such acquisitions – layoffs, leadership departure (Shawna Wolverton, EVP, Product has already bid goodbye), shrinking account and support teams, and more. Basically, it will be harder to do business with ZenDesk now.

In addition to the forthcoming hardships, there are product inefficiencies to consider as well. We’ve learned a lot from the dozens of ZenDesk migration projects we’ve completed at Thunder. Customers have shared frustrations such as: 

  • Limited out-of-the-box customization options
  • Poor customer and operational insights
  • UI that makes for poor agent experience
  • Challenge meeting SLA commitments
  • Lack of complete view of customer
  • Support team limitations
  • And more

Between platform pitfalls and inclement business stresses, now is the time to migrate, and Salesforce Service Cloud is the solution.

Why Make the Move to Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is the #1 platform for Service for a reason. I’ve been in the Service field for a long time now, 6 years in Contact Center Management and over 14 years leading Salesforce Service Cloud implementations, and to say that I am a fan of the Service Cloud platform is an understatement. I’ve seen the satisfied smiles of delighted customers who’ve made the move and benefited from the transition more than they ever expected (and you know us Thunder folk love making customers love Salesforce).

Just as it has with so many before, switching to Service Cloud will help you:

  • Improve Agent and Customer experience that drives higher CSAT
  • Reduce service costs with improved efficiencies and agent productivity
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention with a 360 view of the Customer and collaboration across all teams: Sales, Support, Service, CSM
  • Gain better operational insights via reports and dashboards
  • Accelerate innovation and get more done with a more customizable and extensible platform

Don’t Let Migration Scare You

While some may fear the scope and efforts of migration, finding the right partner can greatly ease the challenges. That’s the goal of the Thunder approach to ZenDesk replacement. We eliminate the pain and heavy lift of large call center projects, focus on Agent training and change management, and leverage out of the functionality to maximize time to value. 

Read our white paper, The 4 Critical Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud Over Zendesk, then contact us to learn more about our ZenDesk Replace Package, and how we can make your migration journey easy and seamless.

If you’re already feeling the platform pains, don’t wait to pile on acquisition stress to make a change. Now is the time to migrate from ZenDesk to Salesforce Service Cloud, and Thunder is here to help.

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