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PMO Fueled by Core Values

Written by Erron Sparks, Senior Project Manager at Thunder
PMO Fueled by Core Values

If you’re reading this, then you either know what makes a Thunder engagement so fantastic or you’re curious!  Regardless of which category you fall into – I’ll let you in on the ‘What’.   

Drum roll please… It’s our core values (guiding principles)!  

A study from 2018 revealed that 63% of consumers are buying goods and services from companies that reflect their values and belief systems.  

Thunder’s core values were decisively created and they’re deeply ingrained in our culture.  They drive everything from who we hire, to the business decisions we make and the outcomes of those decisions.  Our core values are why we exist. 


As a customer, we step in your shoes to understand your needs to help you solve your most important business problems.

Everyone at Thunder knows what it’s like to be an end-user who’s dependent on technology to help make our jobs easier and streamline processes.  

Internally, we take this value very seriously.  We’re all carrying a workload that can be made heavier by what’s happening in our lives.  We recognize that, and help support not only our customers, but also each other.


Thunder is a team of determined and spirited Salesforce powerhouses.  As a customer, you’ll find that we use our experience, expertise and entire arsenal of tools to deliver solutions that exceed your business goals 

Thundercats believe  there’s a solution to every problem, and we never give up!


At Thunder, we know that ‘change’ is the only constant, and we embrace it.  

We pride ourselves on remaining calm and quickly responding to unexpected situations.  We anticipate change, remain open to the unexpected and know when to push or adjust our plans and ideas.


From the top down, bottom up and sideways, at Thunder we are always open and honest with each other, even when it presents a challenge.  

As a customer, you can expect us to bring up risks and concerns early and often.  Whether those concerns relate to budget, scope, timeline or interpersonal conflict we will communicate clearly, openly, honestly and respectfully. 


Everyone at Thunder is treated as a human being first: no labels, no judgements.  We partner from a place of diversity, inclusivity and understanding.  

We understand that building a business is hard.  We all struggle and make mistakes, so we give you and each other a break. 

If these values align with your own, and you want to love Salesforce forever, contact us today!
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