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Top 3 Reasons Thunder Loves Slack

Thunder Loves Slack
At Thunder we definitely drink our own Kool-aid. We don’t just help customers love Salesforce and Slack; we love it ourselves! The Thundercats utilize Slack on a daily basis for a variety of reasons – here are the top 3 reasons Thunder loves Slack:
  1. Slack is easy!

    It is truly the Digital HQ here at Thunder. We use Slack to communicate with fellow employees, customers and partners. Having Slack channels for different use cases and audiences keeps us organized, efficient and connected with ease. It’s faster than email or phone communication – just send a quick ping and await your response. In a fast-paced business environment, it’s the ideal way to stay connected!
  2. Slack improves productivity!

    With the ability to create new Slack channels for every need, we are able to stay on top of projects and communications. We have channels by project, by team, by practice and so on. Sharing status updates, getting questions answered and strategizing next steps within Slack channels keeps us on task to meet our goals.
  3. Slack increases employee engagement!

    Let’s face it, we’re all super busy, and in a fully remote company it can be a real challenge to connect with fellow employees. The Thunder crew uses Slack not only to communicate for work – but also for fun! We have designated channels for bonding over food, kids, pets, movies and more. We even have a channel for people who want to go in on lottery pools together! It’s a fun way to connect on a more personal level, and share photos and tidbits from our lives outside the workplace. Thunder also has channels to boost morale – like our #all-shoutout where we offer team member kudos. There are also channels for employees to get HR info, provide feedback, get company updates and more. We use Slack to call out anniversary and birthday wishes, and hey, a “Thunder in the wild” post in our #random channel will always put a smile on your face.
So as you can, Thundercats don’t slack when it comes to Slack! If your company isn’t using this amazing communication tool – now is the time to start.
Contact us today to learn more about what Slack and Thunder can do for you!