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Top 4 Reasons Customers Struggle Implementing Salesforce Field Service

Written by Steve Hupp (a.k.a. ‘The Field Service Guy’), Field Service Practice Director at Thunder
Top 4 Reasons Customers Struggle Implementing Salesforce Field Service Blog Hero Image
The Thunder pros have been in the SFS game a long time, and based on our previous experiences there are some definite themes when it comes to why we’ve seen Customers struggle with implementing Field Service in the past.

Here are the top 4 most common reasons Customers struggle implementing Salesforce Field Service:

1) Field Service Processes are Complex – Field Service processes are complex (worth repeating)! And unlike broader Service Organizations like call centers, those complexities can vary between organizations of similar size, even in similar industries. So there really isn’t a one size fits all approach to drastically speed up the overall implementation timeline.

2) Quick to Customize – Companies tend to customize Field Service very quickly when they feel they hit a point where the product isn’t going to solve a particular business problem or process. We usually see this when a Customer (with or without a Partner) simply doesn’t have the necessary level of product expertise to identify where simpler configuration could be a solution. Combine that with being held to a strict timeline for implementation, Customers often move directly to Customization, which can be costly and difficult to manage long term, especially as Salesforce rolls out 3 new releases each year.

3) Unable To Define A Clear MVP Approach – We see this a lot in Customers with legacy systems that have been in place for some time – the inability to decide on what a good minimum viable product (MVP) release looks like. Legacy systems have just that to their advantage, they are legacy! They’ve been around for years and have been changed, updated, customized, etc. over that same period of time to suit every business requirement exactly. So Customers sometimes struggle in narrowing down the requirement focus to put a foundation in place to then increment on.

4) Underestimating the Change Impact – Customers underestimate how much impact the potential changing of their Field Service systems will have across the business. They make the assumption that the technology will be embraced simply due to the fact that it is a new piece of technology for users to take advantage of. They often don’t realize that there could be hesitation due to the perception that a scheduling algorithm is going to replace current schedulers or that the autonomy that Field Workers have grown accustomed to will be taken away and put more strain on the business.

The good news is that as a Thunder customer, you don’t need to struggle implementing Salesforce Field Service at all! We know how to handle Field Service process complexity, how to help you slow your roll with customization, how to define a clear MVP approach and how to prepare you for the real change impact to come. Our SFS and change management experts not only lead the way for a successful implementation, we set you up for the entire journey from discovery to post go-live support, with the best practices, training and knowledge transfer you need to exceed your business goals. Let us be your SFS guru – and we know you love Salesforce Field Service, forever.

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