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Why Thunder for Slack

Written by Casey Styer, Slack Practice Lead, Engagement Manager at Thunder

Organizations that use Slack love it and most have seen their usage grow organically. Teams are excited by the intuitive collaboration, easy apps and workflows. But not everyone who has Slack uses it to its full potential. Thunder comes in as an innovative and strategic partner to help businesses go beyond simply getting the ROI they’re looking for out of their tech stack. That is now the bare minimum. Thunder helps integrate Slack, Salesforce, and DevOps tools by first reimagining workflows, business processes and ways of working.

The shift to remote-first work for many came out of necessity during the pandemic, where teams were forced to decentralize; not because of strategic planning, but simply out of necessity. Teams and people who once worked together physically have been separated in the past couple of years, and the need for tools to make the adjustment to a remote world functional and easy is greater than ever. Slack offers the ability to bring people together in a more thoughtful way. And while many people have started using Slack for chatting, creating channels, etc. – they are not necessarily using the tool to drive business outcomes, or customer and employee experiences. But they can be! And that’s where Thunder comes in.

Thunder for Slack

Our Slack practice, made up of certified developers, admins, architects, and change experts, is helping companies drive business outcomes and improve customer and employee experiences. We offer long term engagements that focus on making Slack the company’s Digital HQ, first building out the roadmap to get there, and then doing the work. We also offer Change Management solutions to look at current Slack usage and drive improvement and alignment. We brainstorm how to use Slack better, providing best practices and ways to increase adoption. Thunder can also assist with smaller projects such as automating a single feature, building a bot, or helping new customers take advantage of what Slack has to offer.

Think of Thunder as the strategic, technical advisor and implementation partner you need to make the most of your Slack investment. We want to make you love Slack and Salesforce, forever.

Visit to learn more about our Slack offerings, including a quickstart package, then contact us to get started!