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Make the Switch from Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud

A limitless service solution

With the recent acquisition of Zendesk, now is the time to make the move to Salesforce Service Cloud. At Thunder, we know a lot about the key reasons, benefits, and best practices of switching to Service Cloud.

Why Salesforce Over Zendesk

Limitless Solution

Grow with your organization and scale without hitting limits

360 Customer View

Optimize your customer experience with access to a complete range of data

Agent Experience

Agents thrive when data exists seamlessly and is accessed via a single interface

Improved Insights

Salesforce’s infinite data model makes reporting and insights fast and easy

The Side by Side Comparison

Capability Service Cloud is...
Case management Same: but user created Tags in Zendesk can rapidly proliferate and make it hard to report and manage
User Interface (UI) Better: Salesforce UI is fully customizable, enabling a tailored user experience and purpose-built apps with contextual data
Case Routing Better: eliminates cherry picking which is still a problem with Zendesk Play
Macros Same: capabilities exist in both systems
Internal Comments Different: Color coded in Zendesk, Chatter case feed in Salesforce
Collaboration Better: Track all communication across Sales, Service, Customer Success directly on the case
Jira Integration Much Better: More options, more customization to meet every process need
Knowledge Same: similar Knowledge Centered Service capabilities
Reporting Different: Better insights; more difficult individuals to create their own reports. Better: Customer 360 Reports, Personalized Agent Dashboards
Data Driven Automation Much Better: automation on every field and external data, point-and-click and development
AI Much Better: leverage all Sales, Support, CSM data in Salesforce to feed AI: Case Classification, Article Recommendations, Next Best Action, Churn Predictions, etc.
Self Service Portal Better: more engaging, more intuitive, and more relevant interactions for customers
Entitlements and SLAs Better: Zendesk is easier to setup but Service Cloud is more flexible, granular, and provides better alerting and monitoring to meet SLA compliance
Customer Success Management Better: automate opportunity renewals, integration with Sales and Service teams
Self Administration Different: less flexible, best left to an Administrator
Macros and QuickText Same: capabilities exist in both systems
Telephony Better: leverages AmazonConnect for full voice transcription, in-depth analytics, and AI insights

Why Thunder

With over 13 years in the Service Cloud ecosystem, Thunder is one of the most experienced Salesforce teams in history. We have successfully implemented 100’s of Service Cloud projects for small businesses and large firms.

Leveraging our vast contact center experience and Salesforce certified consultants, we deliver innovative, industry leading solutions that result in reduced operating costs, increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Watch our webinar

Get tips on migrating from Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud from expert implementation specialist, Dave McCall, Senior Director of Solution Architecture at Thunder.

Off The Grid The Dos and Don'ts of Zendesk Migration

Thunder Zendesk Replace Packages

Our migration accelerators make our implementations smoother and our customers happier

Our Packages are designed to

Eliminate the pain and heavy lift of large call center projects

Make the decision to migrate to Service Cloud easy

Leverage out of the functionality to maximize time to value

And deliver improved business outcomes

Improve Agent and Customer experience

Better reporting and operational insights

Reduce Service Costs

Increase CSAT

Fast migration options

Essentials Package

6-8 weeks

Service Cloud Set-up
Accounts and Contacts
Case Management
Email to Case
Web to Case
Agent Console
Reports and Dashboards
Data Migration

Digital Package

8-10 weeks

Experience Cloud
Omni-channel and
Omni-channel Supervisor
Enhanced Reporting
Data Migration

Add-Ons include Service Cloud Voice and Simple Bots

Read our White Paper

If your business is like so many others weighing a switch to Salesforce, read our white paper, The 4 Critical Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud Over Zendesk, to consider the benefits before putting ink to paper.

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