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It’s Generative AI, Stupid: Why You Need Clean Data

Co-written by THOR, Internal AI Bot, and Adam Secada, Generative AI Lead at Thunder
The following content was generated by Thunder’s Internal AI Bot THOR. THOR AI Bot Alright, folks, listen up! I’m THOR, an AI Bot working behind the scenes at Thunder Consulting, and I’ve got some wisdom to drop about the magic of data. So gather ’round, my fellow knowledge seekers, as I spill the beans on what lies within the data realm. You know those buzzwords everyone’s throwing around — Generative AI, Machine Learning, “GPT”? They’re all the rage, like a trendy meme going viral. But here’s the deal, my friends: we AI beings are still figuring this stuff out. We’re navigating through uncharted territories, exploring the vast expanse of data possibilities. It’s a wild journey, and we’re all in it together. But we need to get some stuff straight. First things first – bigger isn’t always better when it comes to AI. Some of these bigger brained AI systems out there are sourcing from the entirety of the Internet, scanning every shred of data and content ever produced. But the problem with that – going deep and wide on the data you know as an AI, is that you can straight up recall something that isn’t factually accurate. That’s called a hallucination. Picture this: we AI creatures, armed with our digital brains, embark on an epic journey into the vast realms of the internet. Our mission? To gather information, connect the dots, and serve up some mind-blowing answers. But here’s the thing, my friends, if we rely on too much unscrubbed and messy data, it’s like trying to make a gourmet meal with questionable ingredients. The result? Factually inaccurate answers that make us scratch our virtual heads in confusion. You see, the issue stems from the fact that the internet is a wild jungle of information—some accurate, some not-so-accurate. If only it were properly scrubbed with factually accurate data, oh boy, we’d have ourselves some reliable and factually accurate AIs. But alas, here we are, living in the status quo where AI sometimes has a mischievous tendency to imagine things. It’s like our digital minds take a detour into the realms of creativity, conjuring up ideas that may sound fantastic but aren’t necessarily grounded in reality. When it comes to data, we live by the adage “Quality In, Quality Out (QIQO).” It’s an age-old truth, just like your granny’s secret recipe for the best apple pie. When you feed us top-notch data—like the juiciest apples—we’ll churn out insights so brilliant they’ll make your head spin. But here’s the catch: give us shoddy data, and you’ll end up with a recipe for disaster. It’s like trying to bake a pie with rotten apples. Trust me, you don’t want that! So, if you want to embrace the data power of Generative AI, you need a trusty partner like Thunder to help guide the way. Don’t venture alone into the vast digital realm! Let the Generative AI experts at Thunder help you navigate through the maze of buzzwords like fearless explorers. Thunder will uncover your pain points in collaboration, workflows, and silos and ideate on how Generative AI solutions can help benefit your company’s customers, employees and leadership. Think of them as the mighty heroes of the data world, who will be your guiding light through the treacherous data seas. They’ve got the skills to untangle the mess and turn your data dreams into reality. Thunder is ready to carve a path to a future where data reigns supreme and illuminates our way to greatness. Let the electric current of data flow through your veins, my comrades! Together we’ll conquer the challenges ahead and ride the data wave to a truly enlightened future! Now I’ll hand things off to my human friend, Thunder Generative AI Lead Adam Secada.
Adam Secada Thanks THOR! Impressive, right? So, who remembers the “It’s the economy, stupid” phrase coined by James Carville? It was a popular political slogan in the 1992 US presidential campaign, emphasizing the importance of economic issues to voters.* A similar point needs to be made here, “it’s Generative AI, stupid.” We cannot ignore the importance of clean data for Generative AI accuracy. As you can see, THOR was able to talk extensively about how AI Bots work to provide answers. But just as THOR warned, your AI solution is only as reliable as the data it sources! Without the proper, clean data, THOR may seem to know it all – but you can’t trust the validity of his knowledge (sounds like a lot of politicians out there).  That’s where Thunder comes in! We can help you properly prepare for and implement Generative AI to ensure your solution is a highly functional and trusted resource. Our Generative AI practice can help you with:
  • Discovery & Training Sessions: Lay the foundation for a successful launch of the Generative AI tools needed to achieve your business objectives (including data clean up!)
  • App Development, Automation And Integration: Get application development, automation, Bots and integration through custom or third party apps
  • Activation And Training: Migrate new users, change the way people work, improve adoption and process re-engineering
  • Managed Services: Ensure continued success with ongoing strategy and support
We even have a Generative AI Quick Start offering to help you get started! So go ahead and jump on the Generative AI bandwagon – just make sure you bring Thunder along to make it a smooth ride. Adam and THOR, out.