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Meet the Rainmakers: Susan Jaggers, VP, Human Centered Change

Susan Jaggers
We recently sat down with Thunder VP Human Centered Change, Susan Jaggers, to learn a little more about our Change Management magician. Here’s what she had to say! Q. Susan, tell us a little bit about your role at Thunder. My mantra is ‘there is no such thing as a technology project’ – Every piece of technology requires people to use to it and the role of the Change Management Leader is to help our clients design the right tool, drive real engagement throughout the process, and deliver effective enablement and support so that their teams can use the technology as a vehicle to deliver engaging customer experiences. Q. What made you want to join the Thunder crew? Most consulting firms add Change Management as a practice after a few years, but Carter had a vision to take a people centered approach to our entire methodology and I am thrilled at the opportunity to help build a company that understands the importance of Change Management. Q. This isn’t the first time you’ve led a Change Management practice, what prior experience do you bring to the team?  I often think of this as my second career! I spent 25 years working in a completely different industry where I was in roles similar to our customers: leading sales and service teams, owning P&L, and juggling shifting priorities on a daily basis.  Within the Salesforce ecosystem I led the Change Management practice for an SI that had the distinction of being the first Salesforce Partner, and then led the Change Management effort for IBM as they transitioned 30,000 sellers to Salesforce.  All of these experiences give me a level of understanding and empathy for our clients and their experience as they embark on Digital Transformation journeys. Q. We see on your LinkedIn profile that you have certifications in the double digits (impressive)! How do these certifications, particularly the Salesforce certs, help you with Change Management leadership? It is important that our team members have really strong grounding in the technology AND in Change Management and my certification reflect that belief.  While Change Management principles can be applied across all types of organizational change, our depth of understanding of the technology enables us to anticipate and mitigate adoption risks. Q. We hear you are quite the athlete and traveler outside of work, but there’s one unique hobby of yours that we must know more about! Is it true you dabble in sabrage (and what is sabrage for those who don’t know)?

susan jaggers sabrage

HA! That is one of my fun party trick skills – the ability to open a bottle of champagne with a sword.  It livens up any celebration, and I have been known to bring it out at a few go live celebrations. Q. Last one! As a leader at Thunder, what are you most excited about in the near future for the rapidly growing company? This is a huge market with a big gap for really strong mid-sized firms who can offer a boutique experience at scale and we are going to fill that gap – and have fun doing it.
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